Claudio Righetti
Claudio Righetti graduated in piano with top marks at the Conservatory G. Tartini of Trieste and in composition at the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory of Naples. At the Department of Physics of the Italian National Research Centre (CNR) he deepened the studies on the sampling of digital pianos and on the key kinematics of acoustic pianos, as also their designing and the measurement of their mechanical components.

He has been invited to present his instrument by Italian and foreign music bodies and institutions. Also, he has authored an exclusive research on the modern application of the numerical sequences of Fibonacci referred to the piano mechanisms and their movement.

He has worked with the internationally renowned master watchmaker Mauro del Gaudio, on the study of the tension and the release of the spring – spiral group of the balance in mechanical watches, applying its principles to the inertia of the keys in the Rigo System piano.

Claudio Righetti is devoted to concert performances and to the composition of piano, symphonic, chamber, stage and film music.