Features and options



The mechanism (covered by various patents) may be personalised, both with regard to its gradedhammer weighting as to its answer to the touch, according to the technical and aesthetical needs of the pianist and to the specific choice of the sampling timbre. All this turns the Rigo System Piano into an extremely flexible system, referred in a unique way to the features of its owner, both from a mechanical as from an acoustic point of view.

Over the past years professionals have made an increased use of virtual libraries covering basically all possible instruments of a modern orchestra, including ambience sounds and completely new electronic ones. This has brought to prominence the old master keyboards, i.e. mute keyboards connected via midi to a sound generator or, through a USB port, to a computer previously charged with sampled sounds from these libraries.

The Rigo System Piano positions itself in this latter philosophical and acoustic direction: it uses namely the sound of a real piano (Fazioli, Steinway, Bosendorfer, Yamaha) and samples timbres, dynamics, harmonics and pedal effects of every single note with a first class definition of gradations, from a minimum of 40 to a maximum of 70 Gb.


Each Rigo System Piano is a unique piece, being at the same time a handcrafted and highly technological instrument. It may be personalised according to the following options:


  • Polyester lacquered wood (black or other colours upon request)
  • Ultra-light monocoque carbon
  • Cold welded aluminium (black or other colours upon request)


  • Weighting and inertial speed of the keys according to the needs of the interpreter and to the repertoire
  • Ultra-silent mechanism


  • Two or three pedals (with or without the sostenuto pedal)


  • Output cables with extra strong shielding, conceived for professional use on stage and in studios. The cables provide a crystal clear transmission of the signal and produce a powerful and harmonically rich performance against a background of total silence. They use a conducting wire produced in Germany made of OFC N6 copper (i.e. 99,9999% pure) and gas injected technology, which keeps the harmonic composition and richness intact, also thanks to the particular geometry of the wire, with a negligible loss of signal


  • Bosendorfer, Fazioli, Steinway, Yamaha

Thanks to an internal Wi-Fi system which can be activated from a mobile phone (as can be seen from the images, the instrument has no external control), various accessories are available in order to further adapt the audio effects to the environment where the instrument will be placed. It is also possible to install notation software as Finale and Sibelius and connect them to an external screen. In addition, the instrument may also be provided with a dual axis support with rear end-stop of the pedal so as to increase the stability of the instrument.